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S.S. Test on Friday, May 12

A social studies review sheet should have come home today with your son/daughter.  This sheet is a great way to help them reivew for the test.  We have talked about the best way of studying is to spend 10-20 minutes each night reviewing the material and NOT waiting for the night before to study.  Please help remind your son/daughter to study over several nights.

Below is a link for students to study online if they would like.  Click on the link below and type the code 031316.

Click here to go to an online practice test.

Happy Studying!!

Social Studies Test and Practice Opportunities

We have had all kinds of fun learning about events leading to the American Revolution. We will be taking our unit 5 vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, March 22 and our unit test on Friday, March 24. On Tuesday, students should be bringing home a study guide to help them review for the test. I have also set up a fun review on Quizzizz as another way for students to practice. To access it, students should follow these instructions:

Open join.quizizz.com

Enter the code 202108

All of the test questions are represented on the Quizzizz activity, so it is a great opportunity for students to practice.


Good Morning!

This week Friday students will be taking a test over Unit 4 (Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Decimals).  There will be a practice sheet coming home for homework tonight.  Students are being asked to do the even numbered problems this evening and the odd numbered problems on Thursday evening to help them prepare for this assessment.

Also, the students will be taking a Social Studies test next week Tuesday over the colonization of the New World.  We are currently filling out a review packet to help students review for this test.  There is a lot of information to remember, so please have your students study for this test over multiple evenings or it will be a struggle for them.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  Have a great Wednesday!

Social Studies Test and Penguin Patch Holiday Shop

We are wrapping up our social studies unit, and we will have taking a unit test on Tuesday, Dec. 6. We filled out a test review/study guide together in class yesterday, and your child should have brought it home. Please have them review a few minutes each day to be ready for the test next Tuesday.

Jenny’s Penguin Holiday Shop begins next week.  Our class will be going on Wednesday, December 7 from 2:30-3:15.  A red form went home with your son/daughter last week explaining more about the shop.  Please send the money with your child before Wednesday afternoon so they can participate if you would like.

Have a great weekend!

Math Homework and Social Studies Test

Students have math homework this evening which is to do a worksheet.  One side, page 55, they are being asked to do all the problems and the other side, page 56, students are being asked to do the odd numbers only.  Students had some time in class today to work on it so their should not be too many problems remaining if they used their time well.

There will be a Social Studies test on Wednesday.  Students should have brought home a study guide this evening which I suggested that they study for around 15 minutes tonight and then another 15 minutes tomorrow.  Please check with your son/daughter to see how well they are understanding the material.  Thanks!