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Math Homework Tonight

A worksheet on Volume should have come home with your son/daguhter this evening.  Students are being asked to do page 175 for practice this evening.  Please check in with your child about this assignment because some students worked on it at school but did not finish and needed to take it home.  I will be checking these in the morning.  Have a great night and enjoy the sunshine!

Math Homework

Students have math homework this evening which is due tomorrow.  This homework is review to help them be ready for a math quiz tomorrow over writing and solving math expressions.  Please have your son/daughter come with questions if they are struggling.  Happy studying!

Math Homework Tonight

Good Evening!

A math review sheet should have come home tonight to help your son/daughter get ready for a Division math test on Friday.  Students are being asked to complete the even numbered problems tonight and come with any questions tomorrow.

Tomorrow students will be finishing that worksheet by doing the odd numbers and coming with any other questions.  I encouraged students to plan ahead by looking at their schedules the next two evenings and to make a choice about whether they should be doing the whole assignment tonight or do half tonight and half tomorrow night.

Thanks and happy reviewing!!

Math Homework

Students have math homework this evening which is due back to school tomorrow.  Students had some time to work on this assignment at school so please check with your child if they have it completed.  Students are being asked to do all the questions on page 111 of their math workbook.  Please have your child come to school tomorrow if they have any questions or difficulty with this assignment.  Have a great afternoon!


Good Morning!

This week Friday students will be taking a test over Unit 4 (Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Decimals).  There will be a practice sheet coming home for homework tonight.  Students are being asked to do the even numbered problems this evening and the odd numbered problems on Thursday evening to help them prepare for this assessment.

Also, the students will be taking a Social Studies test next week Tuesday over the colonization of the New World.  We are currently filling out a review packet to help students review for this test.  There is a lot of information to remember, so please have your students study for this test over multiple evenings or it will be a struggle for them.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  Have a great Wednesday!

Math Test Results Coming Home Today

Hello Parents!

Unit 3 math test is coming home today and this unit was a struggle for many students.  It is a very difficult unit but many students that didn’t do well were the ones not focusing and asking questions like they should.  I went around and talked with each student about what they would do for the next unit in math so they can do the best they can.  Please ask your child what their goal(s) are for the next unit and check in with them once a week and see how they think they are doing.

Also, I have asked students, over break, to fix the parts of their test they got wrong or come with questions so they can get the help that they need in order to learn this material.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

Mr. Gort

Math Homework Tonight

We have a math test tomorrow and a review sheet is going home to help your son/daughter get ready for that test.  Please have them do problem #’s 4, 5, 6-11, 13, 16, and 20 and come with any questions they might have.  Students may do any of the other problems on this sheet which will only help them be better prepared.  Happy studying!!

Math Homework and Social Studies Test

Students have math homework this evening which is to do a worksheet.  One side, page 55, they are being asked to do all the problems and the other side, page 56, students are being asked to do the odd numbers only.  Students had some time in class today to work on it so their should not be too many problems remaining if they used their time well.

There will be a Social Studies test on Wednesday.  Students should have brought home a study guide this evening which I suggested that they study for around 15 minutes tonight and then another 15 minutes tomorrow.  Please check with your son/daughter to see how well they are understanding the material.  Thanks!

Math Homework

Students are bringing home a review sheet to finish for homework tonight.  Please have your son/daughter try to finish this sheet.  If they are struggling with a problem please encourage them to ask a question tomorrow before we take our test over unit 1.  Most of the sheet should be completed already (if your child used their time well) because time was given in class to work and ask questions.