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Math Homework Tonight

A worksheet on Volume should have come home with your son/daguhter this evening.  Students are being asked to do page 175 for practice this evening.  Please check in with your child about this assignment because some students worked on it at school but did not finish and needed to take it home.  I will be checking these in the morning.  Have a great night and enjoy the sunshine!

Math and Writing Homework

Math homework is coming home tonight for all students.  Most of the class was able to finish the work at school but there are a few that we not able to finish.  Whether your son/daughter finished or not they all need to show you their math homework assignment and get it signed by you!

Writing homework is to finish filling out a persuasive writing graphic organizer if they did not finish it at school today.  Please ask your son/daughter if they have this paper completed this evening.  I reminded them to take this paper home if they needed to finish it.

Have a great evening!

Math Homework

Students have math homework this evening which is due tomorrow.  This homework is review to help them be ready for a math quiz tomorrow over writing and solving math expressions.  Please have your son/daughter come with questions if they are struggling.  Happy studying!

Math Homework Tonight

Good Evening!

A math review sheet should have come home tonight to help your son/daughter get ready for a Division math test on Friday.  Students are being asked to complete the even numbered problems tonight and come with any questions tomorrow.

Tomorrow students will be finishing that worksheet by doing the odd numbers and coming with any other questions.  I encouraged students to plan ahead by looking at their schedules the next two evenings and to make a choice about whether they should be doing the whole assignment tonight or do half tonight and half tomorrow night.

Thanks and happy reviewing!!

Math Homework

Students have math homework this evening which is due back to school tomorrow.  Students had some time to work on this assignment at school so please check with your child if they have it completed.  Students are being asked to do all the questions on page 111 of their math workbook.  Please have your child come to school tomorrow if they have any questions or difficulty with this assignment.  Have a great afternoon!

Book Club Homework Due January 24

Going home with your child today is some reading homework to help your child have a better understanding or the historical book they will begin reading in a book club.  We have already done some research at school by watching some 5th grade appropriate videos of the time period that they will be learning about.  Students will be given a research grade on this assignment so please encourage them to take their time and do a great job!

I am asking students to continue that research at home so they can continue to learn more about this event, the famous people, and the where and when it was taking place.  I warned students today that depending on the event they were researching that they needed to be very careful while researching because they could come across something that you may not want them to see at this time.  I suggested to the class that they talk with you before they began any research on their topic so you could help direct and monitor them.  A great tool to use is called “safe search kids”.  This website is usually pretty good at making sure that whatever topic is being searched is age appropriate but I would still suggest you use caution.  Click on the link below which will bring you to this search engine

Happy Researching!!!!

Safe Search Kids Link

Research Writing Assignment

Good Morning!

We are beginning our nonfiction research unit of study in reading and writing.  Students have picked a topic to research and are being asked to find research about their topic.  They are or will be looking for books, magazine articles, online information, or any other material that they can get their hands on to help them write their own informational book about their topic.  We will use the library and computers here at school but we are somewhat limited in time and materials so students may not be able to find all what they need here at school. Therefore, I am encouraging them to  go to their local library and find any other material they can.  I know and understand that life is busy, but this is a great opportunity to teach your child about using different resources and the value of the research process!  Thanks for all you do at home in supporting your son/daughter to be the best student that they can be and let me know if you have any questions!!

Happy Researching!!!

Math Homework Tonight

We have a math test tomorrow and a review sheet is going home to help your son/daughter get ready for that test.  Please have them do problem #’s 4, 5, 6-11, 13, 16, and 20 and come with any questions they might have.  Students may do any of the other problems on this sheet which will only help them be better prepared.  Happy studying!!

Math Homework and Social Studies Test

Students have math homework this evening which is to do a worksheet.  One side, page 55, they are being asked to do all the problems and the other side, page 56, students are being asked to do the odd numbers only.  Students had some time in class today to work on it so their should not be too many problems remaining if they used their time well.

There will be a Social Studies test on Wednesday.  Students should have brought home a study guide this evening which I suggested that they study for around 15 minutes tonight and then another 15 minutes tomorrow.  Please check with your son/daughter to see how well they are understanding the material.  Thanks!

Math Homework

Students are bringing home a review sheet to finish for homework tonight.  Please have your son/daughter try to finish this sheet.  If they are struggling with a problem please encourage them to ask a question tomorrow before we take our test over unit 1.  Most of the sheet should be completed already (if your child used their time well) because time was given in class to work and ask questions.