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Fifth Grade Celebration Information

Our fifth-grade celebration at Craig’s Cruisers is coming up this Friday, May 26.


  • We will leave school at 9:45 AM and arrive at Craig’s Cruisers Wyoming location shortly after 10:00 AM.
  • Lunch at Craig’s Cruisers buffet is included for students.
  • We will leave Craig’s Cruisers to return to school around 1:30 PM.
  • Morning attendance numbers will be used to determine the number of paid activities. Students should report to school in the morning and ride the bus to and from Craig’s Cruisers.

Other school groups will be at Craig’s Cruisers, so please have your child wear his or her Georgetown fifth-grade t-shirt.

Last Minute Camp Reminders

Allergy Notice:

Those of us who have seasonal allergies have noticed that this spring has been exceptionally challenging. When we are at camp, we are outside in the woods and fields all day. In past years, students who don’t typically suffer from seasonal allergies have experienced symptoms while we’ve been at camp. If your child is at all prone to outdoor allergies, we’d encourage you to send appropriate medication. You will have an opportunity to update your med form tomorrow morning if needed.

Camp Reminders/Check-In Procedures


  • Bring a sack lunch with your child’s name and teacher’s name on it.
  • Your child’s name must be clearly marked on luggage, sleeping bag and pillow.  Masking tape works really well for this.
  • All medication must be in its original container.  
  • Any cash  brought to camp to purchase items at the camp store will be your child’s  responsibility.
  • No electronic devices. (Other than cameras)

Check In/Check Out

    • Drop your child off between 8:45 and 9:00 at the circle drive in front of the school.  PLEASE do not arrive earlier.  We need to allow time for K-4th grade students to arrive using the  normal drop off procedures in the circle drive.


  • Look for your child’s teacher upon arrival on the sidewalk by the circle drive.


Check In–  Your child’s teacher will check them in for attendance.

Medication drop off– This will be done with your classroom teacher.  You will leave any medication (with completed medication sheet) to be administered at camp with them.

Lunch Check In– A volunteer will check for a teacher & student’s name on the lunch and place your child’s lunch in the appropriate box.

Tagging Luggage– A colored tape will be placed on your child’s luggage to help identify it upon arrival at camp.

Luggage Drop Off– Luggage will be given to volunteers to load and take to camp.

What’s Coming Up – Week of May 15


  • Look for some important papers coming home on Thursday:
    • Red note to come home regarding pick up arrangements for when we arrive at school after camp on Friday, May 19. Please fill out this sheet and return it by Tuesday, May 16.
    • Pink course selection sheet from the middle school. Please fill out and return it to your child’s teacher by Tuesday, May 16.
  • If you plan to visit while we are at fifth-grade camp, please notify your child’s teacher by Tuesday, May 16. Please include the time you plan to arrive (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • On Friday, May 26, the fifth-graders are off to Craig’s Cruisers to celebrate their time spent together at Georgetown Elementary.  We are in need of many chaperones for this fun trip. We would like to invite you to sign up to chaperone this fun trip we’ve arranged. Please click on the link below to sign up if you are able to help out.

5th Grade Celebration Sign Up

Math Homework Tonight

A worksheet on Volume should have come home with your son/daguhter this evening.  Students are being asked to do page 175 for practice this evening.  Please check in with your child about this assignment because some students worked on it at school but did not finish and needed to take it home.  I will be checking these in the morning.  Have a great night and enjoy the sunshine!

What’s Coming Up – Week of May 8


  • On Friday, May 26, all the fifth graders are off to Craig’s Cruisers to celebrate their time spent together at Georgetown Elementary.  We are in need of many chaperones for this fun trip. We would like to invite you to sign up to chaperone this fun trip we’ve arranged. Please click on the link below to sign up if you are able to help out.

5th Grade Celebration Sign Up

S.S. Test on Friday, May 12

A social studies review sheet should have come home today with your son/daughter.  This sheet is a great way to help them reivew for the test.  We have talked about the best way of studying is to spend 10-20 minutes each night reviewing the material and NOT waiting for the night before to study.  Please help remind your son/daughter to study over several nights.

Below is a link for students to study online if they would like.  Click on the link below and type the code 031316.

Click here to go to an online practice test.

Happy Studying!!

Reminder-Camp Meeting and Forms

Fifth-grade camp is coming up quickly! Keep your fingers crossed for weather that is warmer and drier than we have had this weekend!

We wanted to give you a final reminder about our parent information meeting tomorrow Tuesday, May 2, at 6:30 PM in Georgetown’s multi-purpose room. At this time, we will provide you with information about:

  • school drop-off procedures for Thursday, May 18
  • what happens at camp
  • opportunities to visit your child at Camp Henry
  • our arrival back to school on Friday, May 18.

We also hope to answer any questions you may have about the camp experience. Look for an email tomorrow that includes a camp handbook, a packing list, and a variety or other valuable information.

On Thursday all of the fifth-grade classes met together to learn what happens at camp as well as our expectations of them while we are there. The following forms were sent home with students that day as well:

  • yellow medication form – must be filled out completely with information about any medications your child will be bringing with them to camp.
  • blue waiver – must be filled out and then signed by both a parent/guardian and the student.
  • purple waiver (for chaperones only) – must be signed and returned.

Please have these forms completed and returned by Tuesday, May 2.

What’s Coming Up-Week of May 1

Camp Reminders:

  • Camp waivers and medical forms will go home today. They need to be returned by May 2.
  • Parent meeting for fifth-grade camp is Tuesday, May 2 at 6:30 PM in the multipurpose room at Georgetown.  A brief meeting for chaperones will immediately follow.
  • We will meet with fifth-grade students during the school day to provide them with the information they will need for camp, so students need not attend the evening meeting.
  • If you would like to visit Camp Henry while we are at camp, you are required to have a background check completed prior to May 8.  Details about visiting camp will be explained during our May 2nd meeting. Contact your teacher for details if you plan to attend. Background Check Link


  • April and May are very busy months for families of fifth-grade students. Click here for a list of upcoming dates.


  • Measurement and Geometry

Social Studies

  • American Revolution


  • Uses data to come to a reasonable conclusion
  • Constructs charts, graphs, tables, and summaries to record observations
  • Asks questions, makes predictions, and draws conclusions through observations and activities


  • Informational Writing



What’s Coming Up – Week of April 17


  • Your children are working so hard on the M-STEP! Please take a few minutes to congratulate your child for his or her efforts.
  • We have one more test tomorrow, April 19
  • On Thursday, April 20, we will be providing the fifth-grade students with a pizza lunch to celebrate their completion of the M-STEP.
    • Two pieces of pizza will be provided for each student. If students wish to have a side item or a drink, they are welcome to bring something from home.
    • Please remember that Georgetown is a pop free school.
  • Next Tuesday, April 25, we will be visiting Baldwin Street Middle School. One of the highlights of the visit for students is that they get to eat lunch in the cafeteria there.
    • A letter was sent home last week regarding how you can make sure that your child has money in his or her lunch account for that visit.
    • Students are welcome to bring their own lunch that day, but they will be responsible for carrying and keeping track of it.
  • April and May are very busy months for families of fifth-grade students. Click here for a list of upcoming dates.

Math and Writing Homework

Math homework is coming home tonight for all students.  Most of the class was able to finish the work at school but there are a few that we not able to finish.  Whether your son/daughter finished or not they all need to show you their math homework assignment and get it signed by you!

Writing homework is to finish filling out a persuasive writing graphic organizer if they did not finish it at school today.  Please ask your son/daughter if they have this paper completed this evening.  I reminded them to take this paper home if they needed to finish it.

Have a great evening!